Improve the ecological footprint of your event.

A future in which exhibition flooring is no longer disposable, but rather a textbook example of a sustainable product.
With Rewind® we not only managed to dramatically reduce the environmental impact of the production process, but we also succeeded in ensuring that our event carpets, once used, can be fully converted into a pure high-grade recyclate. As such, they can enjoy a high-end second life and a third and ...
Rewind® carpet allows you to reduce your carbon footprint of your event and contribute to a green, responsible and sustainable future.

The Cradle to Cradle certification confirms that Rewind® fully meets its promise: to be a sustainable product that contributes to a circular economy.

Carpet with added value

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    • Density
      Rewind® had 15% higher density than traditional event carpeting.

    • Odourless
      Low VOC content, so product odours are virtually ruled out.

    • Fire-retardant
      Rewind is Bfl-certified.

    • Optimized fibre bonds
      Strong and durable.
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    Working with Rewind® raises your efficiency: It is easier to handle and more ergonomic to install than traditional event carpet.

    Rewind® also offers logistical advantages: the unique composition means you need less storage space and the lower weight of the rolls keeps your transportation costs under control.

    • More efficient storage
      The unique composition means you need less storage space.

    • Lower transportation costs
      More rolls in each full shipment and less fuel consumption per square metre.

    • 100% recyclable installation tape
      Post-event, the installation tape is recycled along with the carpet.

    • Easy to install
      The rolls weigh less, so they are easier and more ergonomic to handle.


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    From production to use, from waste to new product. When you choose Rewind® , you choose sustainability. Rewind® is a 100% polyolefin product, which means it contains no latex whatsoever. As a result, after use, it can be fully recycled into a pure, high-grade recyclate. The recyclable Rewind® event carpet reduces the ecological footprint of your event.

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    Rewind® is more than a product. It is a philosophy in which economy and ecology merge into one. That ensures that Rewind® creates added value for every stakeholder and the environment, at every stage of its lifecycle.

Think forward.
Opt for event carpeting with
economic and ecological added value.



  • Efficient and ergonomic installation
  • Valorization of the waste flow
  • Less storage space
  • Optimization of transport
  • A valuable green image
  • Growth potential for your business
  • Sustainable business



  • No latex
  • No water
  • Lower gas consumption
  • Low VOC
  • 100% recyclable
  • High-grade recyclate
  • Lower CO2 emissions

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