With Rewind® we not only managed to dramatically reduce the environmental impact of the production process, but we also succeeded in ensuring that our event carpets, once used, can be fully converted into a pure high-grade recyclate.

As such, they can enjoy a high-end second life and a third and ...

The Cradle to Cradle certification confirms that Rewind® fully meets its promise: to be a sustainable product that contributes to a circular economy.

Sustainable production

By banning all latex, not a single drop of water is used during production, while energy consumption is cut by more than 80%. This means CO2 emissions related to production have dropped by 55%.

At Beaulieu, were are committed to a future
centered on recyclable products that use resources
more efficiently ánd more sustainably

Latest news

Jaarbeurs switches to our circular Rewind® carpet

The Jaarbeurs in Utrecht has chosen Beaulieu's Rewind carpet, the most sustainable exhibition carpet.The...
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Ifema recycles its carpets into chairs and display stands

COP25 was held in Spain and presidents and activists such as Greta Thunberg paraded through the corridors of Ifema...
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Rewind® at IndexTM in Geneva

Walking on Rewind® at IndexTM, the world’s largest nonwonvens exhibition, held in Geneva.

Want to know everything about the most sustainable event carpet in the world?

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