Rewind Event Carpet

Rewind dilour sustainable beige carpet partly rolled up on the floor

Let’s rethink
event carpets

The age of disposable carpets is over. But exhibitions and events? We plan to celebrate them for a long time to come. Big picture – we’re ready to rethink, rewind, and revel in life. And 100% recyclable Rewind carpets offer perfection in the color, the feel, the vibe. All with the planet in mind. We’ve only got one, so join our movement. Make waste yesterday and green up your event.

Rewind Ambassador Santiago Quiroga walking in front of a short hedge wall with trees in the background

Let’s rethink
our choices

Our partners and rethinkers know the future is now. Sustainability isn’t a choice – it’s the choice. Rethinkers put people and the planet first with Rewind solutions. Because it’s up to us to live the change we aim to see. And the reward is undeniable. A versatile, stylish, and environmentally friendly solution and a healthier world.

REWIND is the recyclable event carpet solution

A bold claim for a bold business – but the truth. Committed to making consumables culture history, Rewind decided to write a new story – one with a sustainable end.

Rewind is the unsurpassed recyclable event carpet, the product of dedicated research and a rock-solid commitment to the planet. Our latex-free, closed-loop needlefelt solutions massively cut energy consumption and don’t require a drop of water to produce.

Rewind’s raw material stays clean throughout the cycle, which means your event carpet is just the first incarnation. Rewind carpets convert into premium recycled PP pellets. From there, they can be transformed into all kinds of new applications – each new “life” celebrating people and the planet.

Rethink sustainability and your event experience with the recyclable event carpet solution.

Sustainability Now

Recycling toward
a sustainable future

Recycling is about closing the loop at Rewind. From the patented fibers to the perfect finish and your carpet’s next incarnation – we eliminate waste from the equation.

An end-to-end solution, Rewind event carpets are 100% recyclable. The stamp on the back is your sustainability seal of approval. 100% recyclable, Rewind is your chance to partner toward a planet-friendly solution and sustainable future for event flooring.

Discover our commitment to helping you recycle our solutions for a clean, healthy, sustainable world!

Rewind Recycles

Cradle to cradle

Our solutions

Designed to be recycled – REWIND’s broad range of event carpets are a style-savvy way to green up your event experience. From ordinary to extraordinary – Rewind’s exclusive latex-free carpets transform events with a pop of color, a soft touch, and the perfect ambiance.

The right color. The right feel. The right vibe. You can have an event to remember and keep the planet in mind.

Green Rewind Rib Sustainable event carpet

Rib Collection

Rewind's Rib Collection offers a visual design that will instantly liven up any event. A selection of 29 vibrant colours, Rib carpets are strong, gorgeous and 100% sustainable.

Rewind Nature collection beige brown natural event carpet

Nature Collection

Return to the roots of nature with Rewind's Nature collection. Give preference to all natural looks, feel and texture for your carpet needs. Be ready to be impressed by this natural, authentic style.

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