Why Rewind recycles

Why Rewind recycles

We love events. They are an opportunity to celebrate creative people and great ideas, to promote innovation and to network. And event carpets? They tie it all together. A touch of colour, the perfect atmosphere and comfort - the right event carpet will elevate your event experience.

And we’re committed to the planet. Since we’ve only got one, we design our solutions to be 100% recyclable. We’re here to celebrate what matters. Recycling empowers us all to enjoy the best in life sustainably.


We have designed our event carpets to be 100% recyclable, the perfect end-to-end solution for people who care about others and the planet. And recycling at Rewind? That's at the heart of our ethos. Our common mono-material 'thread'. We pull out all the stops to put recyclability at the top of everyone's list.

So what does a 100% recyclable event solution look like? Rewind is all about closing the loop, from mono-material to the new incarnation of your event carpet - the solution is comprehensive.  The latex-free solution ensures that Rewind can be converted into high-quality pellets of pure PP, and as our premium tape is made from the same material, it can be recycled in one go.

Every Rewind carpet is recyclable from the start. The stamp on the back is your sustainability seal of approval. Simply roll up your solution at the end of the event and ... connect with a recycling partner for a new incarnation.

Rewind Ambassador Santiago Quiroga walking in front of a short hedge wall with trees in the background

"We think it’s easier if you can find a company that’s not just a provider, but someone who shares your goals and ethics… That’s what we found in Rewind."

Rewind is also committed to helping you take this step. We help you make the necessary contacts. Choosing to recycle is easy with selected local partners who will remove, transport, recycle and reprocess your event carpet. Rewind and recycle? It's a life cycle and a multiple lifetime commitment.

And since every Rewind needlepunched event carpet is reprocessed into high-quality recycled pellets, it could be your next solution too! IFEMA Madrid, one of our Rewind Rethinkers, decided to turn their Rewind event carpet into something that could be reused at the centre. They closed the loop by connecting with partners who recycled and reinvented their solution to create classy black design exhibition furniture.

Rethink and recycle with us. Rewind. Together we can make the event industry greener.


We are the "Real Deal" when it comes to our sustainability ideals. We rethink, redesign and don't miss any necessary steps in our people- and planet-friendly future. Every Rewind solution is Cradle to Cradle Certified®, safe and sustainable. Every new label we receive gives you the confidence to wholeheartedly join the Rewind movement as it makes the events sector greener.

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