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Rewind Ambassador Santiago Quiroga walking in front of a short hedge wall with trees in the background

IFEMA Madrid - Santiago Quiroga

"We think it’s easier if you can find a company that’s not just a provider, but someone who shares your goals and ethics… That’s what we found in Rewind."

In 2020, IFEMA MADRID, one of Spain’s biggest and most prestigious exhibition and convention centers, resolved to eliminate event carpets that couldn’t be recycled or reused in some way. And so began their quest for a partner who could supply a sustainable solution, install it, remove it, and have it recycled into new items for upcoming events.

According to Quality and Corporate Responsibility Director Santiago Quiroga, “Finding Rewind was something we could hardly believe …” Rewind shared their objectives and could effortlessly ensure that their solution would be turned into something useful for the next event.


IFEMA Madrid - Santiago Quiroga


IFEMA Madrid



The interview

“Rewind is the perfect company to lead the way to waste-free exhibitions.”

Santiago Quiroga

- Director of Quality and CSR at IFEMA Madrid

Our commitment is the same

There’s no doubt that IFEMA Madrid and Rewind are on the same wavelength. Recycling is a must for both. And they’re all about sharing that message with the over four million visitors that grace the center’s floor each year. Rewind. Rethink. IFEMA is a Rethinker of the highest caliber. And their passion for celebrating events and the planet in this interview is an inspiration.

From carpets to chairs and beyond

Just one outcome of IFEMA Madrid’s partnership with Rewind is the set of dark, stylish design chairs that guests can look forward to comfortably kicking back in at the center’s events. Rewind’s quality, integrity, speed, and flexibility have convinced this Rethinker. They know that Rewind solutions are the best way to enjoy life sustainably now.

sustainable impact

Ifema’s contribution by choosing Rewind

  • 194.640 litres of water saved

  • 192.800 kWh energy saved

  • 206 tonnes COreduced