Our Story

Our story

We live for live events. The inspiration and the connections – we’re all about it. And we dream of being part of your story, transforming your next event into a unique experience.

Our 100% recyclable carpets are the key – they tie it all together.  And … we do that sustainably. No more disposable, consumables culture – our mission is to make live events sustainable. Rethink. Rewind. We went back to the drawing board to design a solution that is sustainable, efficient, and looks amazing.

But Rewind’s story doesn’t end there. We are equally devoted to ensuring that our partners are empowered to recycle their solutions as sustainably as possible. 

If you love events as much as we do, join us in rolling out – and recycling! – the carpet for a better world!


Celebrate with us. Celebrate what matters. Rewind and rethink. Raise the bar on your event experience and embrace Rewind’s invitation to revolutionize and green up the event sector. Because we really are in this together.

Every year, the events sector churns out a sea of waste. So, we created a new story and developed Rewind – the perfect closed-loop, no-waste event carpets. We say no to consumables culture and yes to aesthetic, green solutions that empower everyone to create a sustainable, green world.

Rewind with us. Green up your event, rewrite your sustainability story. Join the movement.

Sustainable impact

Greening up the event sector together – one fiber at a time.

  • 1.933.801 litres of water saved

  • 2.793.268 kWh energy saved

  • 2.256 tonnes COreduced

RETHINK sustainability

Rewind Recycles

Recycling is woven throughout Rewind’s philosophy and solutions. Polypropylene is the base material for our cradle-to-cradle certified event carpets. That makes our fibers 100% recyclable and disposable event carpets a relic of the past.

Recycle with us

Proud to be Certified Sustainable

Green claims are easy to make. Convincing the experts is another story. Rewind took care of both. And our story only gets better. With a Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver certificate in hand and our event-worthy aesthetic solutions, Rewind’s 100% recyclable needlefelt carpet was a shoo-in to set the Madrid Summit scene at the United Nations Climate Conference.

Our certifications

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