Sustainability Event Carpets

Sustainability Now

Rewind, a needlefelt carpet brand tailored for the events sector that’s 100% latex-free and recyclable. We’re greening up the event sector together – one fiber at a time.

Designed to be recycled, Rewind solutions close the loop and make way for sustainability now. The impact is undeniable.

  • 1.933.801 litres of water saved

  • 2.793.268 kWh energy saved

  • 2.256 tonnes CO2 eq reduced

And that’s just now. Say yes to the change you want to see – a healthy, thriving planet – every time you rethink and choose a Rewind event carpet.

Sustainable Impact

Proud to be certified sustainable

Green claims are easy to make. Convincing the experts is another story. Rewind took care of both. And our story only gets better. With a Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver certificate in hand and our event-worthy aesthetic solutions, Rewind’s 100% recyclable needlefelt carpet was a shoo-in to set the Madrid Summit scene at the United Nations Climate Conference.

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