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Rewind’s sustainable event carpets capture the art world’s imagination

Art Basel Art Exhibition Booth with Grey and Black Event Carpet in Circular Form

UBS, Art Basel’s lead partner, wowed gallery visitors this year at its UBS Art Studio exhibition stand, which featured live 3D printing, world-renowned designer Vitra, and … recycled Rewind carpet! An event to remember, UBS and Art Basel ingeniously revealed how business, art, and sustainable event design can create a greener, more beautiful world

What happens when climate-conscious business, art, and sustainable event practice get together? If you happened to drop by the UBS Art Studio, then you got an inspiring glimpse of the future and what’s possible now.

Brightly colored Rewind carpet scraps, robots, and Vitra’s iconic L’Oiseau spooled layer by layer before your eyes… It was a vibrant demonstration of Rewind’s sustainable live event mission and UBS’s sustainability ethic. As Harald Egger, UBS Head of Group Corporate Services and Chairman for India, put it:

Art should be provocative…but should actually help change society.

And that’s exactly what their exhibit revealed is possible. Sustainable event carpets, a design gamechanger

Andreas Bider, Art Basel’s Head of Business and Management, mentioned how the international art world’s environmental impact is a “pressing issue” and said the gallery is committed to reducing the gallery’s impact.

So, the resolute choice by UBS and Art Basel for 30,000 m2 of Rewind event carpeting was hardly a surprise. After all, these needlefelt event carpets are the most sustainable on the market. Completely latex-free, produced from a single raw material, and, consequently, 100% sustainably recyclable – the Rewind carpets lining the exhibition floorspace were also perfect for recycling into innovative art.

Visitors were welcome to watch as smart 3D solution manufacturers fabru and Teil3 partnered to transform recycled Rewind carpets into decorative anthracite bird sculptures. Crafted for design giant Vitra by artists Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec – these aesthetic 3D-print sculptures prove to collectors and the public that the good, the green, and the beautiful are a realistic movement worth backing.