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Over 100,000 m² of Rewind carpet used at the ESMO Congress 2022 gets a second life

Rewind event carpet at ESMO Congress - Paris Porte de Versailles

If in a few years you buy a new car, you might be surrounded by recycled event carpet ...

ESMO – short for European Society for Medical Oncology – is a household name in the medical industry. Its Congress is the most influential oncology platform for clinicians, researchers, patient advocates, journalists and healthcare industry representatives from all over the world.

To illustrate, nearly 30,000 participants from all corners of the world attended the 5-day event held at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles in September 2022. Together, they discussed the latest advances in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. But ESMO Congress does more than caring for cancer caretakers – as its mission statement so aptly puts it. The organization also cares for our planet. And to make good on that commitment, Rewind’s sustainable event carpet plays a crucial role.

Based on a stunning design by Groupe D&P for the 120,000 m2 congress space, renowned floor and wall covering supplier Groupe CTN decided the world’s first Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified event carpet would be the perfect match. Rightfully so! Created in the colors of the event, Rewind blended class with sustainability. But the best was yet to come …

After the event, Groupe CTN recycled no less than 108,750 m2 of Rewind carpet – their biggest recycling operation to date.

“The key lies in collaboration”, says Olivier Langlois, Managing Director of Groupe CTN. “If manufacturer, distributor, installer, site supervisor, cleaning company and recycler all pull at the same end of the rope, we can make a big impact. It’s this type of collaboration that will propel the event industry forward.”

What exactly makes Rewind event carpet 100% recyclable? By eliminating all latex during production, the carpet can be easily converted into high-grade pellets of pure polypropylene afterwards. All in one go, because there’s just one type of material involved.

To make it more tangible, the recycled Rewind event carpet from the ESMO Congress 2022 will be injected into plastic car parts. So, if in a few years you buy a new car, you might be surrounded by recycled event carpet that once hosted the world’s most renowned oncology experts – just so you know.